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The Best Wood Cleaner - Wood Kleen

For years, the dedicated team at Above All Flooring faced the daunting task of finding the perfect hardwood floor cleaner. After trying countless products, none quite met our exceptionally high standards. Fueled by our commitment to excellence, our flooring experts embarked on a journey to create the best hardwood floor cleaner for our clients. After meticulous experimentation, Wood Kleen was crafted.

Wood Kleen Hardwood Floor Cleaner is a remarkable blend of water and D-Limonene, a natural compound extracted from citrus fruit rinds, including lemons, limes, and oranges. This unique compound is obtained through the process of hydro-distillation, in which citrus peels are gently soaked in water and heated to release their volatile molecules via steam. When in its chemical form, it is referred to as "D-Limonene."

Thanks to its fresh citrus aroma, D-Limonene is highly sought after across multiple industries. This versatile compound is a common ingredient in food, cosmetics, and cleaning products. It also serves as a natural, eco-friendly insect repellent and an aromatic oil known for its calming therapeutic properties.

Our formula is not only gentle but also highly effective at removing stains, grease, lingering food residues, and persistent odors from a diverse range of wood surfaces including floors, cabinets, and furniture (while we love this product, we still advise performing a spot test on any surface as a precaution).

Most importantly, Wood Kleen leaves a naturally refreshing citrus scent, not a cloud of chemicals.

Above All Flooring offers several Wood Kleen product options:

Wood Kleen Spray Bottle
- 32 oz of pre-mixed cleaning solution
- Price: $7

Wood Kleen C
oncentrate Bottle
- 8 oz | creates over 144 oz. of cleaning solution
- Price: $15

Wood Floor Cleaning Kit
- Includes flat mop, reusable cloth mop head, 32 oz spray bottle, and our signature Wood Kleen 8 oz Concentrate
- Price: $18

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