Wood Kleen Wood Floor Cleaner

At Above All Flooring, we often get asked “what's the best way to clean my hardwood floors?” and after being disappointed with every cleaning product we tried, we decided to create our own. Expertly formulated to make cleaning your hardwood floors easier, healthier, and safer. Wood Kleen harnesses the power of citrus and bio-based ingredients to deep clean and dry fast with no residue.

The best floor cleaner, crafted by your local flooring experts.

Wood Kleen at Above All Flooring

Perfected over two decades, Wood Kleen is a forceful blend of water and D-Limonene, natural solvent derived from the peels of citrus fruits, particularly oranges.

Wood Kleen offers a safe, effective and eco-friendly alternative to harsh cleaners.


Wood Kleen at Above All Flooring

Fresh citrus scent

Wood Kleen leaves behind a refreshing, invigorating citrus scent with no residue.

Wood Kleen at Above All Flooring

Natural cleaning power

D-Limonene is a powerful solvent that effectively cuts through grease, grime, and residues on wood surfaces. It can dissolve oils, waxes, and other organic compounds without damaging the wood itself.

Wood Kleen at Above All Flooring

Gentle on wood

Chemical cleaners can strip wood finishes or cause discoloration. Wood Kleen is gentle and non-abrasive. It can be used on most types of wood surfaces, including finished and unfinished wood, without causing harm (always spot test before using).

Wood Kleen at Above All Flooring

Sustainable + Safe

D-limonene is derived from natural, renewable sources and is biodegradable. It doesn't contribute to indoor air pollution and is safer for the environment compared to synthetic chemical cleaners.

Available in convenient cleaning options

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Pre-mixed Spray Bottle


32 oz

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Cleaning Concentrate


8 oz

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Hardwood Floor Cleaning Kit


• Includes a microfiber mop + reuseable, machine washable head
• 8 oz. Wood Kleen Cleaning Concentrate
• 32 oz spray bottle

How it works:

Wood Kleen works by breaking down oils, dirt, and grime on wood surfaces. It penetrates the surface, lifting away stains and leaving behind a clean, fresh citrus finish.

Its solvent properties make it effective for removing residues without damaging the wood's integrity.

How to use:

1. Wood Kleen Cleaning Concentrate:

Mix 2.5 oz of concentrate with 32 oz of filtered water. Mixture can be used in a spray bottle to spray and wipe clean with a microfiber rag or with a spray mop.

2. 32 oz. Pre-Mixed Spray Bottle:

Spray area and wipe clean with a microfiber mop. For a deep clean, spray and wipe clean with a microfiber rag by hand, working a small area at a time. Be sure to not saturate the wood and dry with a fan or fresh air.

Avoid using on unfinished or unsealed wood surfaces. Test on a small, inconspicuous area first to ensure compatibility. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Wood Kleen at Above All Flooring

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To learn more about the best way to clean your hardwood floors, download our cleaning guide

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