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Cleaning hardwood floors

Hardwood floors are very durable, yet vulnerable in many ways. These care tips should be used as a guideline to help keep your floors looking beautiful for many years.

Things to do

  • Use felt pads on all table and chair legs.
  • Use rugs in high traffic areas: in front of the refrigerator, dishwasher and front door.
    Clean and replace felt pads yearly.
  • Keep floors clean and free of dirt and sand. Dust, mop and vacuum as needed. Dirt and grit may embed in floor or scratch finish.

Things to avoid

  • NEVER use any of the following products or similar products on your hardwood floors:
  • Murphy’s Oil Soap, Pledge, Ammonia, Fantastik, Formula 409, Mop ‘n Glo or powdered all-purpose cleaner.
  • Avoid using soaking wet mops.
  • Never wax a urethane finish
  • Avoid high heel shoes.
  • Large dogs’ nails will scratch any hardwood floor finish. Keep dogs off or nails short.
  • Placing plants on the floor that could leak.

Recommended cleaning

  • Use recommended cleaning kit.
  • Wipe up large liquid spills ASAP.
  • Damp mop with 1/2 cup of vinegar to 1 gallon water. Do not over-wet the mop.
  • Tough spots can first be wiped with a dish soap solution.
  • We recommend WoodShine cleaning products. Please click here to download price sheet (doc).
  • NOTE: Vinegar and water over time will break down the finish on your floor.