Above All Hardwood Flooring & Carpet care & maintenance



  • EVER use any of the following products or similar products on your hardwood floors: ammonia, Fantastic, Formula 409, powdered all-purpose cleaner, Pledge, Mop n Glo, MURPHY’S OIL SOAP, or other polishes.
  • Use soaking wet mops.
  • Wax a urethane finish – NEVER!
  • Wear high heeled shoes.
  • Place rugs before 2 weeks.
  • Clean with any wet solution for first 2 weeks.
  • Place plants on floor that could leak.


  • Put breathable rugs down after 2 weeks in high traffic areas.
  • Sweep and or vacuum with a brush attachment (no beater bars) at least once a week.
  • Put fabric guides on furniture legs and clean the glides frequently.
  • Lift furniture instead of dragging.
  • Put sheer drapes and or close blinds to avoid direct sunlight on floors.
  • ALWAYS use water-soluble specific hardwood floor cleaners like ”WOOD KLEEN” Hardwood Floor Cleaner distributed by Above All Hardwood Floors.
  • Wipe up spills immediately.

Flooring fact

Buffing, recoating, screening, and re-sanding a hardwood floor should be performed by an experienced hardwood floor professional. Some hardwood floors CANNOT be successfully recoated. Those with different light exposure that has caused discoloration under area rugs, or those improperly cleaned with oil soaps, or other cleaning solutions, will contaminate the floor and cause guaranteed FAILURE. Worn areas (through the finish and/or stain) to bare wood CANNOT be re-coated to give desired results, refinishing must occur. We at Above All Hardwood Floors would rather have your repeat business for buff and coats than to not give you the proper care information and be left with no alternative than to re-sand the floor. So please read the information and stick with the recommendations that we offer to guarantee an inexpensive maintenance program.

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