Waterproof Flooring

What are my waterproof flooring options?

You want peace of mind when it comes to your floors. That’s why Above All Hardwood Flooring & Carpet thinks that waterproof flooring is the best option for your floors. There are also other options to consider, like lifespan, visuals, and functionality. We have a variety of materials that deliver on these options, so let’s take a look.

Waterproof flooring goes everywhere

With waterproof flooring, you’ll find that it goes well in the kitchen, laundry room, and basement. But they can go to other rooms as well! Bedrooms, living rooms, foyer, and entertainment rooms. If you have pets or children, waterproof floors can alleviate your worries about accidents or spills.


Waterproof laminate is one of the options that we have in our showroom. It can look like wood or stone, or even tile, suitable for any décor arrangement. It handles humidity, dampness, and moisture well. It looks great and will outlast any trends on the market.

Luxury Vinyl

With luxury vinyl, you get a completely waterproof floor. It is stunning to look at, and it is also very functional for your needs. It can come in a range of appearances: wood, stone, tile, or brickwork. The imaging is so good; you might mistake it for the real thing at first glance. It comes in various thicknesses,
sizes, and formats. The thickness determines the material's lifespan, so if you want a long lifespan, pick the maximum thickness, which is about 20 millimeters for the core. Installation is quick, and you can walk on it as soon as it's installed.

Impervious tile

A third option you have is waterproof tile. This is a specific type of porcelain impervious to water, as the tile in your bathroom. You will find that it can go in the kitchen, bath, laundry room, or even living room. Tile creates a charm that no other flooring material does. Its striking looks will enhance your home's

At Above All Hardwood Flooring & Carpet, we want you to have the best floors for your home. We will take you through all the waterproof flooring options and help you decide which one is the best. We have a showroom in Prior Lake, MN. In addition, we service Lakeville, Shakopee, Eden Prairie, and Apple Valley. Visit our showroom and let us get started on your flooring project!