Value and innovation. That's the name of the game on the 2018 flooring scene. Consumers are intent on getting more for their money which is motivating flooring manufacturers to reinvent perennial favorites and offer those products at sensible prices. Consumers are also concerned about their environmental impact and are seeking out products that reduce their carbon footprint. So this year, instead of replacing your old flooring with a new version of the same product, consider embracing a new trend or choose a new-to-the-scene product. Let's take a peek at some of the hot flooring trends for 2018!

1. VINYL: Available in countless colors, textures and patterns vinyl is easy-to-clean and stain-resistant making it a go-to for savvy shoppers. Also, increasingly popular is the luxury vinyl segment. Luxury vinyl tile and luxury vinyl plank have the uncanny ability to mimic traditional high-end materials such as stone, wood plank, and ceramic tile and are available at a fraction of the cost with the added benefit of vinyl durability.

2. ECO-FRIENDLY FLOORING: Consumers are more environmentally-conscious than ever before, driving this trend across all areas of interior and exterior home renovation - flooring included! Some innovative, eco-friendly flooring products include:

  • RECYCLED CARPET: Traditional nylon is taking the backseat to more eco-friendly carpeting choices. Mohawk offers a line of carpet made entirely from corn sugar while other companies offer carpet products made 100% from regenerated nylon or post-consumer food and drink containers!
  • CORK: Much like bamboo, cork has the ability to regenerate making it a favorable choice for environmentally-conscious consumers. It offers a rich, pulp-like wood pattern and springy surface. It is important to note, however, that cork isn't the most durable material and not recommended in areas with substantial child or pet traffic.
  • WHITE OAK WINE BARRELS: Fontenay's Vintage Barrel Collection is a fully reclaimed-wood flooring product created from white oak wine barrels.

3. PORCELAIN PLANKS: These are a great choice for areas prone to moisture and are manufactured to mimic natural wood grains. Now you can put in that bathroom hardwood floor you've been dreaming about!

4. GREY WOOD: Grey is IN. Although it lacks the warmth of a natural-look wood floor, grey-stained wood has a clean look and brightens up a room, adding a touch of modern flair.

5. WIDE PLANK WOOD: The wide plank wood trend has been on the rise these past few years and is shifting to even wider widths! Often a foot wide or more, wide plank wood flooring jives well with a rustic cabin setting but also lends itself to a more sophisticated appearance across many home styles.

6. OIL-BASED FINISH: For the consumer who opts for beautiful, traditional hardwood flooring in his/her home, oil-based polyurethane reigns supreme in 2018 over its water-based counterpart. An oil-based finish enhances the natural wood grains and really makes them pop for a rich and elegant effect.

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