Healthy, Safe, and Resilient Flooring for Any Space

Healthy, Safe, and Resilient Flooring for Any Space

Healthy, Safe, and Resilient Flooring for Any Space
Discover the Durability and Versatility of Naturally Resilient Flooring by Forbo


Flooring is an essential element in any space, be it a home, office, healthcare facility, retail, or commercial property. Flooring not only serves a functional purpose but also plays a significant role in defining the first impression, aesthetics, and overall ambiance of a room. One flooring solution that has been gaining popularity for its sustainability, durability, and design versatility is Forbo Flooring Systems.

Forbo, a global leader renowned for its commitment to environmentally friendly and high-quality flooring solutions, offers an extensive range of options. From linoleum and vinyl floor coverings to entrance flooring systems, modular carpet tiles, needlefelt coverings, and innovative washable textile flooring known as Flotex, Forbo has earned its place as a frontrunner in the industry.

What is Marmoleum?

Marmoleum, Forbo's brand for linoleum, is a floor made from natural raw materials. The key raw materials used in linoleum production include linseed oil, which comes from the flax plant seeds, wood flour as production waste from controlled forestry plantations, and jute, a crop whose fibers provide the material for the membrane onto which the linoleum is calendared.

Marmoleum is a type of linoleum flooring known for its eco-friendly properties, performance, and exceptional design possibilities. The Forbo manufacturing process is a “climate-positive cradle to gate" -  meaning any carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted is balanced by the CO2 removed in the growing of its natural ingredients.

Beyond its eco-friendly credentials, Marmoleum is also a champion in terms of health and hygiene. It's entirely free from plastics and harmful ingredients, making it a safe choice for both residential and commercial spaces. Moreover, its bacteriostatic properties effectively inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, adding an extra layer of cleanliness and safety to any environment.


1. Rapid, Reusable Flooring: Many Forbo products can effortlessly overlay existing floors without the need for adhesive, slashing installation time by an impressive 50%.

. Enhanced Marmoleum Surface: Forbo's cutting-edge Topshield Pro technology extends the longevity of Marmoleum flooring while providing a smooth surface that simplifies cleaning and maintenance.

    3. Non-Toxic and Antibacterial: Marmoleum products boast proven effectiveness in inhibiting the growth and spread of infections, including MRSA, Norovirus, and C. difficile. This makes them an ideal choice for healthcare settings like hospitals and senior living facilities. Additionally, Forbo's Marmoleum sheet and tile floors are 100% solvent-free adhesive products, earning them non-toxic and allergy-approved status for educational environments such as daycares and schools.

    4. Effortless Cleaning and Maintenance: Forbo's ingenious Topshield technology creates a sealed surface that repels dirt, liquids, and stains, even from harsh chemicals and cleaners. The unique two-layer system ensures easy repairs or replacement in the event of accidents.

    5. Boundless Design Opportunities: Forbo's modular flooring systems open up a world of exciting floor designs, allowing for endless mixing and matching possibilities to create breathtaking floor plans that cater to every aesthetic.

      These remarkable features underscore why Forbo is a game-changer in the world of resilient flooring for both commercial and residential settings, delivering practicality, sustainability, and aesthetics in equal measure.


      - Residential Flooring for Home Gyms, Play Areas, Nurseries, and Entryways:
      Wet shoes, muddy dog paws, and children playing are usually disasters for flooring but not for Forbo. Their unique products make clean-up a breeze while giving your home the comfort and warmth of carpet.
      - Commercial Offices, Retail Stores, and Hospitality:
      Marmoleum is a popular choice for healthy, happy commercial spaces. Forbo products offer indoor air quality, noise control, and thermal comfort to create a welcoming environment to suit every decor. 

      - Flooring for Daycare Centers, Schools, and Universities:
      Educational environments demand attractive, low-maintenance, hardwearing, safe, and sustainable flooring solutions. Durability and hygiene are especially vital in spaces used for children and young adults.

      - Healthcare and Senior Living Facilities:

      In the healthcare sector, it's essential that a floor can withstand the day-to-day impact of heavy equipment, hospital beds, and foot traffic. Whether you require an adhesive-free resilient for quick refurbishment of a ward, carpet tiles for office space, or specialist ESD flooring for operating theatres, Forbo has flooring products suitable for almost every healthcare environment.

      Forbo takes the hassle out of flooring installation while inviting you on a creative journey like no other. Offering an extensive selection of over 50 colors, designs, and sizes, their innovative click tiles offer a rare chance to craft your dream floor.

      These versatile tiles and planks are meticulously crafted to replicate the aesthetics of stone, the warmth of wood, the opulence of marble, and the contemporary allure of concrete. Whether you opt for a single visual theme or decide to blend and complement, Forbo empowers you to curate a one-of-a-kind flooring masterpiece.

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