Sanding & Refinishing Hardwood Floors: What You Need to Know!

Sanding & Refinishing Hardwood Floors: What You Need to Know!

There are a host of questions people have when it comes to hardwood floor sanding and refinishing. Let's address some common questions and demystify the process!

Q. My floors are in really bad condition. How do I know if they can even be refinished?

A. Surprisingly, most floors can be sanded down and refinished to look brand new! Above All Hardwood Floors is happy to come out to your home, assess the condition of your floors and provide you with a free estimate for sanding and refinishing.

Q. I've heard the sanding process in really dusty. What can I expect?

A. At Above All Hardwood Floors we use a dustless sanding vacuum system to minimize airborne dust and hang sheets of poly around the sanding environment as an extra layer of defense. Dust is kept to a minimum.

Q. Is it necessary to leave my home for the duration of the hardwood floor refinishing process?

A. If, as the homeowner, you opt for a water-based polyurethane product you are able to walk on your floors within two hours of application and may find it unnecessary to leave your home. If, however, you choose an oil-based poly you may prefer to leave your home overnight as oil-based poly requires a solid 24 hours to cure, depending on humidity conditions. Additionally, oil-based poly products contain a higher VOC content so emit a greater odor. Noise from the sander is another factor that is important to consider when deciding if you want to leave during the refinishing process.

Q. Can I change the color of my floors?

A. Absolutely. If your floors can be sanded they can also be stained. There are literally thousands of color combinations you can choose from to completely reinvent your floors, giving them the appearance of a brand new product!

Q. What other information is helpful to know?

A. There are a few differences between an oil-based poly product and a water-based poly product. An oil-based poly cures slower and thicker and draws out the wood grain's appearance, allowing it to pop more, visually-speaking. It's all a matter of preference. At Above All, both products are industrial grade and high-quality and both yield stunning results. As the customer, it's important to compare a sample of the two products to determine your personal preference.

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