5 Contemporary Design Inspirations

Contemporary design; is that like the Jetson's sweet futuristic pad? Not exactly. Contemporary (as opposed to Modern) design is characterized by a casual, livable style with smooth lines, neutral color palettes, and lots of light, open spaces.

There are few rules in Contemporary design, and most of them are made to be broken. It's a bit eclectic in that frequently you'll see industrial objects or materials like concrete and metal paired with more natural elements, like wood or greenery. Let's take a look at the style of now with five contemporary rooms from our photo archives.
1. Mixed Mediums
Some people think of contemporary design as being the same as modern design. Modern design, though, is really a style that was popular in the mid-century. Because contemporary design is the design of now, it typically borrows from lots of different styles of the past. That's why you'll see some distinctly modern design elements in many of our contemporary rooms.
Solid Oak Hardwood Flooring in Mystic Taupe
In this room, there is a marriage of the natural and the man-made. Pairing a light oak hardwood floor in a wide plank (Prime Harvest Solid Oak Hardwood in Mystic Taupe)with stainless steel industrial elements provides a refreshing contrast. The dark blue cabinets and black accessories also create visual distinction in the room. And rounding out the spare, clean lines of the furniture and cabinets in this room is the use of open shelving, a popular and very current divergence from traditional cabinetry.

2. Juxtaposing Light and Dark

Hickory Hardwood from the Artesian Hand-Tooled Collection: Artesian Brunet
Here's a striking opposite of the last room, this time starring a dark, wide-plank hickory hardwood floor from the Artesian Hand-Tooled collection. It is paired with dark cabinets a bold choice, but one that works well with the light walls and white cabinets seen in the background of this room. Pairing the rustic feel of the hardwood with the more industrial stainless steel island and appliances gives the room a very up-to-the-minute appeal. If you're looking to change the tone of a more traditional room, check out the modern black chair to the right of the photo. Adding a small detail like this can often change the feel of a whole room.

3. Colorful Contemporary

CushionStep Vinyl Sheet Flooring shown in Eagle Rock: Chimney Ash
While contemporary decorating is full of examples of neutral color schemes, colorful accessories and paint are ways to keep in stride with the times without making a major commitment to one style or color. In this contemporary room, the flooring is an edgy vinyl sheet: Eagle Rock in Chimney Ash. A great choice for contemporary living spaces like this urban loft, it works well in a small space where living room, dining room, and kitchen often overlap. In this instance, the sofa and tables are the neutral elements in white, accented by bold chairs, accessories, and artwork.

4. Luxurious Living Spaces

CushionStep Premium Vinyl Sheet Flooring in Whitewashed Walnut: Harbor
Again, this urban loft setting shows how vinyl sheet (Whitewashed Walnut Harbor) can be a great product for your living areas beyond kitchens and bathrooms. What makes this space so up-to-date is the rich neutral brown materials combined with the sleek metal end tables and chic exposed brick walls. This pairing of the natural wood look flooring (in a versatile vinyl sheet made with a natural look and texture) with the sleeker modern shelving, tables, and chairs makes the room feel open and inviting. Note the apt choice of a bold accent color it's the final touch in a very contemporary space.

5. Urban Farmhouse

Millwork Block Laminate Flooring in Burnt Ombre
Just because you live in an urban space doesn't mean you can't have a contemporary country feel to your home. Shown above, this laminate floor from the Rustics Premium collection (Millwork Block in Burnt Ombre) is a beautiful, richly varied floor with nearly 5-inch planks. The neutral yet classic chair and sofa pair so nicely with the metal shelving on roller wheels along with the more industrial coffee table/desk situated in front of the sofa. The soft purple accents show a shabby-chic side to this urban loft, creating an eclectic atmosphere that clearly is the style of now.

No matter what kind of style you have, the style of now is yours. We can help you find the right floor for your space comfortable, practical, beautiful, and functional. You bring the rest!

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